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  1. Farhan says:


    I hold Pakistani passport and I live in Australia, I have 10 hours transit in Shanghai.Can i get visa free permit or should i apply for transit visa?

  2. Andreas says:

    we have a layover at the 30th of december at Shanghai Airport Pudong over 13 hours.

    Is it maybe possible to get a german speaking guide?

    Thank you for your answer.
    Best regards

    • admin says:

      Hi Andreas,

      Thank you for contacting us!

      Please provide us your arriving & departing flights times, and let us know how many people do you have. Then we will make a detailed tour itinerary and price for you.

      Sorry, we do not have German speaking tour guides.

  3. Katherine says:

    We arrive Wednesday may 24 10th at 430 am. We leave at 5 pm. We would like tho take a tour. There are 2 of us. We would Luke to see the yuyuan garden.. the city of God and shipping at nanjing road. Whay time would you puck us up at from the airport and how much would it be?

    • admin says:

      Hi Katherine,

      Thank you for contacting us!

      We just sent you an email about detailed itinerary and price, please check it out.

  4. We arrive on Nov 27 at 11:40 am and depart at 9:00 pm – 9 hour and 20 minute layover. There are 3 adults. 2 of us have been to Shanghai. We would like to get out of the airport for some sightseeing. Would like a private guide but are happy to take public transportation if that is better due to high traffic. Would like to eat at Dumpling Restaurant near Yu Garden, visit Wulixiang Shikumen Musuem (maybe), Tian Zi Fang (maybe), take a short Huangpu River Cruise to see Bund area. Open to suggestions of things that are close together. No museums or temples. Want to see the city, neighborhoods, and eat dumplings. Maybe a short time of shopping in more local type shops.

  5. Natalie Ng says:


    woudl like to check for the 72 hours free visa, can it take 2 times in shanghai and beijing airports in one trip ?

    My route will be UK -> Shanghai (72 hours free visa) -> Beijing (72 hours free visa) -> HK -> Singapore -> UK

    is it allowed ? Thanks for your advice.


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